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Facilities Manager

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District Of Columbia, Washington, DC 20001
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  FACILITIES MANAGER   Facilities Manager overseeing shops in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, in a cost effective, and professional manner, ensuring they are operational, safe, secure, + running effectively + efficiently. Area may increase, based on need and site assignments. You will be responsible to support lead …


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Apply online for District Leader Jobs in Washington, DC at &pizza. Founded in 2012, &pizza set out to create a different kind of pizza shop—one where experience is the focal point, and every shop feels local to its neighborhood. Our tribe members take pride in crafting perfect pies and providing our guests with an unforgettable, elevated experience. Our lofty standards in food preparation and quality, coupled with teamwork and guest satisfaction, make the &pizza experience best in class.

Carve your own path to success. From working the line in-shop to a role in headquarters, it is all there for the taking. Show us your path, and we’ll get you there.
District Leader Jobs in Washington, DC at &pizza can include:
District Leader - Tribe members in these district leader jobs oversee operations for multiple restaurants in their assigned area. District leaders develop and implement plans for sales-building, people development, and prevention of operational issues. They guarantee operational excellence across all stores to ensure a consistently positive experience for the tribe and our guests.

Apply for District Leader Jobs in Washington, DC at &pizza At &pizza, we employ a strict ‘no ceiling’ policy. No restrictions. No limits. That means you can start your career at the bottom and go just as high as your wings will take you. If you’re seeking a fun, flexible, challenging, and rewarding career with room for growth, then this opportunity is for you! Apply online today.
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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
Team is wonderful! Very welcoming and encouraging to a newbie like me. getting thrown into the late-night shifts and seeing very busy and abnormally chaotic nights was helpful to find what pace and rhythm I should be striving for! I look forward to improving my technique and efficiency on the line and in the prep work.
- Hourly Team Member in Philadelphia, PA